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Ironman World Championship Course

Have you ever wonderd what it would be like to ride, swim, and run the FULL Ironman Chanpionship Cycling Course? Kona,  home of the Ironman World Championships!! The best part is the swim course is always marked by buoys year round. The run and bike routes are always open. We have lots of people that visit and want to do the course. Some do it all in one day and some break it up over 3 days. Whatever you decide we will be by your side with full support for the entire private event.  This is called world championships for a reason.

The swim is demanding and long. The bike course had 5000 feet of elevation gain with trade winds that can play a big factor in your overall pace and time. The Run is hilly and hot but with beautiful ocean views.  Running through lava fields can really expose you to the heat this island has to offer. So the question is, are you Epic enough to tackle the Championship ironman course? You can do the individual sports of the Ironman or break them in multiple days. It's up to you and what you can handle.


140.6 miles

6 hours

6,000 ft elevation gain

Starting Price $600

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