Mauna Kea Tour


The Hardest climb in the world!! (The Impossible Climb)

4 ways to get to the top with an elevation gain of 14,000 to 17,200 feet of climbing. Why do they call it the hardest climb in the world? More than 7 hours of saddle time, climbing up the 14,000 ft, and steep grades. The road turns to Dirt, 6 miles from the top and offers 4 miles of very challenging gravel road. The weather can always play a factor. Altitude sickness is a real thing for some.

Everything on this Epic ride comes into play including diet, nutrition, and cramping.  We have seen it all.  This is what makes it the most Epic and hardest climb in the world!!  The best part is, we are here to prepare you and make sure you will give 100% towards finishing and conquering this beast.  Our full support has one goal….  For you to accomplish yours!!


Route 1

Kona Pier start, Waikoloa Beach start, or Hilo start to the Visitors Center only. Currently, we can not offer support past this point. Mauna Kea Summit – 14,400 vertical feet 52 to 58 miles

Route 2 (Warning DES Rating 10+)  To Visitors Center only

Waipio Valley Beach start – 17,200 vertical feet, 90 percent dirt – THE KING of EPIC

*Both routes we take you as high as the visitors center, last 6 miles require a special permit.


50 to 70 miles

8 to 14 hours

14,000 to 17,000 ft elevation gain

Starting Price $1,500

To Visitors Center only.

Call for details

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